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MadGirl, in alignment with its Intuitive Design mission, is pleased to offer MadGirl LifeStyle.


Today's world has demanded a reboot. We are moving through the exterior while re-examining our interior selves. We are asking the questions: What is life by design? How can Intuitive Design work for your home and more importantly your well-being? How can you live the life of your dreams?


At MadGirl Lifestyle, our goal is to provide and curate fashion and art for your personal space, however big or small. 

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Do you need design help? Maybe your space requires a remodel or full re-imagining? Is it possible to use your inventory in a new way? Perhaps a mix of old and a splash of new is the answer. MadGirl Lifestyle incorporates plants, art, preserved moss, living walls and a host of textures to soften any space. Our creative minds are here to help. Contact us to schedule an exploratory call. 


How can you better utilize and enjoy your outdoor space? Do you desire to look at beauty and feel the need for inspiration? Our creative team is eager to fill your oasis with container plantings, lighting and eclectic offerings. Let us make your outdoor area a place of zen. Are you looking for a retreat within your home? Contact us to schedule an exploratory call. 

You deserve all of the above! As this world now dictates spending countless hours at home, it is high time to make it the best possible space. Contact us to schedule an exploratory call.


Be sure to look for our monthly blog and curated online store. Pop-ups will be coming soon to locations in New York and Asbury Park, New Jersey.


We are excited to collaborate with local artisans, utilize recycled goods and fabrics, curate custom crystal /oil packages and create living art. At MadGirl, we believe in incorporating what you love into your daily lives to better realize a greater world collective. 

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TAMMY BISCO, CPC (ELI-MP), Master Intuitive



300 Main St #342

Madison, NJ 07940

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